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What Types Of Support Are Available?

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Are you running a local community group or charity? Or maybe you're just looking to make a difference?

Here at Localsearch, we're proud to play an active role in our communities by supporting local causes that focus on the issues that we – and you – feel passionate about. 

The Localsearch Community Sponsorships Initiative is aimed at supporting and empowering local groups, charities and individuals to do remarkable things in their local community.

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There are three types of support that you can apply for under Localsearch Community Sponsorships. Click on each of the below for more information about the different ways Localsearch can assist you.

About Community Sponsorships

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We currently accept applications year-round, so let's get started!

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Assessment of Community Sponsorships

Based in or services at least one of our regions?



Are you looking for one-off monetary or in-kind donations? We're here to help!

What Kind Of Charitable Donations Can I Get?



Running a community event or promoting a local cause? Let us help out with your next event!

What Kind Of Events Will We Support?

Fundraising For

Groups & Charities

Sometimes the hardest part of running a local community group or charity is funding. We can help!

What Fundraising Assistance Is Available?
Business Owners

We have a few guidelines that we assess all community sponsorship applications against in addition to the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Are you a: 

If you need more information or have any questions, please email us at sponsorships@localsearch.com.au  or download our Community Sponsorships Information Booklet

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Not-for-profit community, recreational or sporting organisation?Charitable institution

For more information about how we assess all applications for community sponsorships, please download our
Community Sponsorships Information Booklet

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