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What Does The Program Include?

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If you’re heading up a junior sporting club, you’re probably juggling training, uniforms, equipment, and maybe travel too. All the while trying to make sure the kids are happy, healthy, and having fun. 

It’s certainly rewarding. But it can be demanding too. Which is why we’re here to help!

The Localsearch Little Legends Program is a three-year sponsorship initiative aimed at supporting junior sporting clubs throughout regional Australia.

Who's Eligible For Sponsorship?

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To be eligible for the Little Legends Program you must meet the following criteria: 

Eligible And Ready To Apply?

In addition to sponsorship funding, our Little Legends Program loads you up with a range of valuable extras to suit your club’s individual needs. 

Sponsorship funds to support your club

Exclusive front cover photo shoot for your team

Premium listing in your local directory

What Is The Little Legends Program?

Goodies pack to share with your team

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What's Your Promise To Us?

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Signage At Your Club

Let us stand tall alongside you! 
We're proud to sponsor you and we'll organise and pay for signage at your club. 

What are our signage options?

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Localsearch Logo

Include the Localsearch 
logo - wherever possible - on all your online and offline channels.

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We're excited to help you grow your club, and ask for these three simple things in return...

If you need more information or have any questions, please email us at sponsorships@localsearch.com.au  or download our Little Legends Information Booklet  

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